Sunday, November 23, 2003

Sleepy Sunday

So yeah, the road trip, as all do, killed me..among the others as well....we were just worn to's coming off of that high, I suppose it can be related to alcohol or drug....this is our version of a hangover.....we're tired, sleep most of the day away...even if you do wake up at 2, it's more than disappointing to have it be pitch black out in 2 hours from your awaking anyways.sorry that's a side bitching, but yeah, it gets dark, really dark, at 4 now, it's dragging on the mind and soul, but what can you do......anways...I wonder if is possible to never come off that high, just keep traveling and roadtripping, keep feeding the addiction, would you grow tolerance to it, what more could you give it if you built up some sort of tolerance, and if and when you did finally come down, how terrible would it be, would your mind be a jumbled mess, would you sleep for weeks, or would you just die from your body not having it, hmmmmm...

anyways, we were supposed to write songs today, hopefully being inspired from the trip, but that never happened, we were all shot....we did start rising from those ashes around 5, coming together, me still trying to wake up fully...we organized a little group and decided to go to RtC..on the way up Vince decided to sit on my lap, so we endured the 20 minute trip in lover's was homoerotic to the nth degree (n being a real number greater than or equal to 2..) his hair kept flinging in my face, it's long and I guess I justified the whole thing by thinking it was a girl in my lap, or Vince, but least I didn't get an was nice to have those familiar faces all together there, somewhere I, and probably the rest, haven't been in awhile...I think overall though we were all too tired to have the time we would have liked to have had...granted we were missing people...we told some stories, but nothing monumental happened...maybe we'll get something going over this week, though I have to work every night coming up..least I get to start at 11 or whathave you..til later

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