Monday, December 22, 2003

Family Dinner....

So this past Saturday was the Baiel's family holiday dinner, and I was invited, yay. It was a joyous occasion, and I had a lot of fun. I got to see james' art in person, that was really amazing....the website does no justice, hell they look like pictures on the internet, but they are hand drawn, it is really an amazing thing to see, way to go man. Dinner was excellent as well; there were various foods to choose from, game hen, twice baked potatoes,...yeah I was happy. Then later came the gift exchange, which was cool as well, it was the pick a gift/steal a gift type...and everyone wanted my plaid wrapped gift. the limit on the gift was a dollar, which made things a lot more interesting. well the person who got my gift, I ended up getting theirs, it was in a blue bag, come that was funny. I think overall everyone enjoyed the present that came with the plaid wrapping, hell yes bobble head dog. After all the was said and done, we watched the grinch, the original, and I fell asleep on the wood floor, I was tired, being up from the night prior and such, but I woke up as soon as the movie ended..and that's basically how the night went out, just everyone sitting in front of the TV, everyone passed out and then woke up at the same time an hour later, it was funny, and then we all called it a night. thanks for the great time guys!

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