Friday, December 05, 2003

Hell Yes SNOW!!!

oh holy hell there is snow everywhere! And actually, I am loving it..thoguh I never really said I was opposed it fully, it does have it pluses.

So yeah, as I was saying, last night at target I was punching back in from break, this had to be around 5:15 or so, regardless of the time, it's not important just one of those useless setting up facts I always bring up...moving on. So I was talking with the upper ups telling them how many hours I had (and my side note is this, I'm coming in tomorrow, and getting a lot of overtime!!!) and it was about that time everyone departed back to the floor or backroom, wherever, however, Deane had just punched out and was getting ready to go home, she had to leave early for some reason or another. So as they let her out, disengaging the alarm for a whole 60 seconds, I qucikly made my dash out the door following her. Chris was stunned as he saw me whiz by him, but just before her could say anything I was back inside the doors, yeah I'm a quick MoFo, and I was back with a handful of snow. Ohh, but this wasn't any ordinary snow, this shit was grade A packing snow, perfect for a snowball fight, in that quick moment I was able to grab a shit load of snow to bring with me.

As I darted back in the doors, pegging a couple of the higher ups, I made a quick stop in the breakroom, getting a couple people I knew that were still in there. From there it was onto the floor; all I needed was just a little ball of snow to startle a person and get my point across, that allowed me a lot of ammunition to toss at others, and the best part is nobody even saw it coming. I heard people screaming after I ran away, "hey, what was that...SNOW! did he get did he get outside!?" it was great. When I finally made my way to the backroom, Desmond saw I had snow and was all for hitting Wendy, so he tricked her into walking over to him, as I hid in the aisle..then as she walked by SPLAT, I nailed her with I nice sized ball. Hell, when I called it quits I still had some leftover, and as I walked to get some backstock, right out the door I saw candy bending over, it was perfect, of course she got one right on the ass, she didn't even knew what hit her. She slowly bent straight up, felt her ass, tenured and saw me, she resonded with, "you ass" and then I told her it was just snow, as she pulled her shirt down to cover her wet marks...ohh that was a blast....but there's more....

so around 7 they open the backdoors to get the bales out, I always volunteer to take one out, but today it was quite the challenging task, the snow made traction and making a path almost impossible. So as we were fighting with these three bales Stacy drove by in the warehouse truck coming back to target, she slowed down by us with her window open starting to say some shit, but got a facefull of snow from me we finally get the bales moved to where they should be, everybody is helping the other two people pull their pallet jacks in all the while leaving me to struggle with mine, no biggie...until I see three figures formally inside that warehouse truck walking towards me in the distance..they were going to ambush me. I quickly called for Desmond to cover me since he was all about a snowball fight. it was quite interesting, I pegged somebody hiding behind the dumpster and Stacy yelled out,"he wasn't even throwing anything" wherein I responded with, "there's no apologies in war, just casualties" this fight was just a pre-game warmup thing..there was yet more to come...

as soon as we were let free, the parking lot was a madhouse, for several reasons. The biggest problem was the snow-plowers, they were driving like madman on alcohol, they were literally driving as fast as they could to "beat" the clock or so it seemed. But then you had the white massacre, snowballs being thrown everywhere, it was great fun I tell you what, nothing like relieving a stress filled day at target then hitting everyone with snowballs!

Oh, and I punched out with 39.5 hours this morning, go me....but I don't get Friday off, I come in at my normal time, will work the whole shift probably, and rake in the time and a half overtime yo!

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