Monday, December 22, 2003

My Car is Dirty

I just went to my car, and I knew it was getting a road worn look to it, but damn, this thing is in terrible condition. Now my car is, or shall I say, used to be, black...but due to the crazy snowy (or not so snowy as some would like...) weather, my car has a new shade of some random's pretty bad, even the windows are all messed up..i cann't remember when it looked this bad....but it's funny...I think the funnier thing about it all is the things I say to myself, like in this occasion. I'm sure every thing is a lot funnier when you're there and actually know what's going on and you hear how things are said, but it my monotone voice I said, "my car is my soul"...and whenever I say stupid things like that, it makes me stop and think, what the hell is wrong with me

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