Monday, December 15, 2003

Nick.....Where Are My Pants?!?!
Part 2

So what did I do today, hmmm, oh yes, I did laundry, which is really an odd thing. why did I do laundry, or why is it so weird you are probably asking, well I just did laundry on thanksgiving, might seen like awhile ago, but I know for certain I can go a lot longer than this without a wash, I am still sick, and I only will wash my clothes after a recent washing if and when I get better, but that is not the case....I guess maybe I was bored, something came over me, I wanted to smell the mountain breeze again or something....and I washed everything, whites, lights, darks, yellows, reds, sheets, blankets, and towels, yeah that's like eight loads right there..holy shit, it was, haha I'm brilliant..anyways....I also found some clothes in storage in the process, so those needed to be washed as well....but here's what got me, did you know, now I didn't even know this, but I have 7, count them 7 different pairs of khaki pants..possibly more, but 7 that I have found and wear, oh and ass one more, I forgot to include the pair that I wear to target every night I work....not to mention I also have the 5 pairs of jeans I wear.....that's a lot of leggage coverings if you ask me....well, just how many pairs do you readily have on hand?

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