Friday, December 05, 2003

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For those of you who have been following the anything but peaceful peace arrangement between brookeslavokia and the Angus Empire will enjoy this update. A shocking turn of events has just occurred within the last 24 hours. The last bout of deliberation proved to be an underhanded move on B's part, attacking the Angus parliament with accusations that she herself should be charged of; she's either a hypocrite or just mentally impaired for lack of better words - To put it in understandable terms, she's pulling a Memento-esque memory lapse forgetting what she has said in every previous email, then attacks the AP when they merely respond to her memorandum.

Certain attacks shouldn't come as a shock to the AP, they've seen all too similar assaults in previous battles. But the biggest astonishment of this debacle was the outlandish out lash by the AP; that action alone was enough to turn many a heads and rally the weary peoples of AE. Never before have we seen such a defiant display taken against the nation of B. This is a pivotal move for the AP, not only for claiming their independence from B, but also proving that they area force to reckon with. After hearing the now famous rebuttal made by the AP, the stunned civilians quickly took to the streets chanting in delight. "we've been waiting for this for a long time now.." one resident jubilated.

It was a turn that B wasn't expecting, and based off of previous experiences of buckling down and kneeling to the power of B, it was something that nobody at all saw coming. And even though the nation of B was surely taken aback, they still managed to respond to the "Reply Requested" revolt from the AP. But as expected, the retort was hardly friendly nor apologetic; rather it tried for a mediocre rationalization but overfilled it with brutality. Still going for the "I'm not all high and mighty" role yet still traveling on that road, their persistent "I'm better than you" ora is demonstrated right their in their own cryptic writtings.

"I think to get to the bottom of all this bickering back and forth, he said/she said bullshit, all future negotiations, and more than likely the final, need to be addressed in person..", Lead Delagate Jason said in a press release today. The AP has yet to make any replies to the last B-email. "Right now we're just trying to see what this is all worth, is another letter really going to accomplish anything more than the prior ones have...we can only state how we feel so many times..." In an earlier conference, the AP said after they have sat on it for awhile, they will send a response in a prompt fashion; and sources have reported the AP's response might be the setting up for the final confrontation as Jason stated.

More coverage as it develops, we now leave you Strongbadia in celebration. Goodnight and enjoy.

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