Thursday, December 18, 2003

Quote Ali, A(h)me, A(h)ceeee

So last night at Target, of course, I was working the line (again, of course) and it is moving really really slowly, we're talking like one box at a time anyways to make things pass by, we started fighting over the single box that came down, then throw it around on the line or at each other, it was fun while it was harmless. So then it got into this friendly little war once another guy started throwing them as well, the person I was attacking said, "Jeff, you're throwing boxes at me now?" and so I said, "yeah, it's 5 against one now.." they looked confused at me, and Jeff replied "I just threw a box, I'm not on any side here.." so then Amy said, "ha, see, I got (and she starts naming the people that walked by) on my side, all you got is yourself....Rob alone could beat your ass..." so then I said, "well that may be true, but that's only one ass, there are still four more to kick....lovely thing about multiple personality beat one of me down, you still have to face the wrath of the others..." So then she says back, "ok, rule number one, don't get into fights with crazy people, no matter how many times you kick them, they never stop coming back, it's an endless battle..." yeah, this goes well with my next topic.....

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