Sunday, December 28, 2003

Target: Special Ops..

Yeah, as you may have just read in my last post I said I went to the warehouse last night, and in fact that makes two nights in a row....but no I'm not the new warehouse bitch, I'm more of what you may call a "cleaner" or "cleanser" or "problem-fixer", or hell, just special ops...

whenever there is something major that needs to get done, something important, something needed quickly, who do they call, that's right, me.

When the four electronics pulls were over ten hours long who did they ask for help....when they rearranged and reorganized the stockroom who did they ask.... when it was July and inventory time came who was asked to be on the prep team.....when we are short handed in the backroom who does the double truck by themselves....and most recently, when the warehouse had 20 pallets of transition that needed to be backstocked, who did the call in....

yeah, those are all yeah, I guess I'm somewhat of a special help to them, when the shit hits the fan they just need to push that emergency button and here I first I'd think I was loved, but then I quickly realize it's just me being used again

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