Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Terrifying Quotes....

Alright, yesterday I was taking kodee to her basketball game at the deathhazard highschool, and I guess I promised I would attend as well, ok, so on the ride to a certain someone came up in discussion..and I spoke of how I was still living in fear of an expecting call, justa call in general, but maybe for a meeting or something else, maybe just to bitch at me, who knows, but I was living in the glory of it being several days and still no call..so then she says, "don't worry, your time will come" the most eerie thing she could have said to knock my ass right back into the realm of fear, damnation. so until that time comes, I'm here, trying not to think about it and just be, but when I least expect it it will happen right, hmmmm.

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