Saturday, December 27, 2003

Two Days Straight.....
Double Dosage

So again I was with Brooke, she called seeing if I was up to anything, of course I wasn't, so I went over to get pick her up..I wasn't doing anything was I? And of course my ass statement of the night was, "probably would have been better if would have just cut our winnings yesterday and called it quits..." that kinda gives you the idea of how it went....

let's get this out, I don't try to be an ass to her, I don't do things on purpose to make her angry, why in the hell would I want angry Brooke is not a friendly Brooke, I try to appease everyone, especially her....So I'm sorry if I made you mad, once an ass always an ass?

well in the midst of the making her upset and this and that we traveled up to merrillville, drove around but our indecisive asses couldn't findanythig to do, we did, however, go to the mall for a quick run around, but then it was back to her house.....there things started to settle and by the end of the night I think it was better. not much happened there, we watched the ferret run around and then trading spaces marathon..but the night ended abruptly when I had to leave for work, always the case right.....I

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