Thursday, January 15, 2004

God, not Another Ramble....
Part one

This may seem weird, but I know those of you who read this have a heightened intelligence and the capacity to let your mind roam and question things that are, things that were, and things that will never be. I say this as a defense for myself, reassuring I'm not just a mindless wandering lunatic hell bent on pipe dreams in a wishy washy fairy tale world..alright, maybe a little; but back to my story.

The idea, concept, whatever comes to me every now and then, and I'm certain all of you have had similar thoughts - hell they kinda made a movie about it. But today as I was driving around in all backparts of the country world, I pulled off at some random exit to get gas, you know, one of those places that's out in the middle of nowhere placed conveniently enough for you to get yourself some gas because you're not stopping there, you're journey is much further..Anyways, as I make it onto the off ramp I come to the standard stop sign at the end of it, and right before it is the sign pointing to where each town is at, one left and one right. Now as I'm pumping my gas I start thinking about those two towns...And I think that they are probably no different than the one live in, or did live in, if you can't see, I'm talking about Lowell.

Think about it for a second, if you didn't know a thing about this area and were just traveling on 65 and said, hey need gas, exit 240 is up ahead and they have gas, let's would be seeing the same thing I did at my stop today, or like many of the stops we all have encountered in the past. There's Hebron to the left and Lowell to the right, you can't seethe towns from the exit, you have to travel a little bit before you reach "civilization", though we over look that every time we come back home from the mall, that couple mile drive to "in town" Lowell doesn't seem so long, though if you ever travel the backroads you experience nothing but drives like that..fields and fields if emptiness, then some buildings quickly flash before you, and then more fields, just the way it is.

but in these invisible towns there live many people, ok maybe just a couple thousand, but that is significant enough. Each one of them have their own lives (well duh), they do their own thing, go about their own business, their lives my intertwine to some extent, but they are living alright without your existence. Let's go on a larger scale, walk in downtown Chicago, how many people do you see? All these people have their own things going on, their own struggles, accomplishments, problems..You have nothing to do with them, they are none the wiser to you, and as you walk by them on the sidewalk, that'll probably be the only time you ever see them again.

So many people are all around us, they have their lives full of everything your life has, I'm sure they are a lot of people with the same problems you can relate to..So then why do we think we are in this all alone, we have it worse off than someone else, why do we fight it when if you take the time to look at it, there are plenty of others who are feeling the same way. There are millions of people in the us, and they are all doing something right now...I wonder how many are at their computers, how many of those are blogging or looking at blogs, how many people in the US are wondering the same thing I am right now, how many people in the US are currently listening to Zeppelin, how many people have the same pains and woes as me, I want to meet these people.

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