Wednesday, January 14, 2004

You better stop, look around
Here it comes, here comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown

Good goff, I almost had a breakdown, because my computer brokedown....Yeah, so ASUS (my motherboard) did an automatic update and said it has a new BIOS to install...So I thought sure why not, install that bad boy, I've been wanting to update my BIOS for the longest time, actually since I got this thing...I have wanted to put my 1.8 processor in here, but since the BIOS was old, I could only run on the 1.4 (I know I know, .4 difference, big whoopee, it's the principle here..) so I get it, flash my BIOS and then restart....Well as it was starting up I forgot to goto my setup at the beginning, so I pressed the restart button, probably not the best idea, I think that's what messed up the 2000 part of this problem....but anyways I got back to the startup screen, got into bios, did whatever and then continued...well it stopped and I got this new blue screen of death, it was called a STOP window, whatever, but it said if it was the first time you received this message just try starting it again..well I did, many times, it froze of the grey 200 screen, it froze on the color 2000 screen, gave my that blue screen again, would randomly restart itself, it wouldn't even load in safe mode....Oh hell, so you know what I had to do.....Yup, pluck out that little back-up BIOS battery, let it sit without for a bit and put it back together...and look at me, everything's back to normal, BIOS reset itself and I'm here, still with 1.4, but up and running none-the-less......What a day...

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