Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Talk of the Town....

Vol. 3: Dime Store Lament

Sally, wonít you see me?
I know I canít tango or feel my way through darkness
but I can cook omelets.
I can put sausage in them if you want, honey.
I heard that youíre thinking of going to the ball
with a boy with a fancy car that can play loud music.
Canít my mandolin please you?
I put on an inch nearly every day.
Iíll be there soon, I promise.
One time I saw you kiss a boy underneath the cottonwood tree.
The seeds were floating through the air and it made me sneeze.
But the setting sun and the summer romance, it made me cry.
I told you it was my allergies, but it wasnít.
It was the baseball game and the country music and how far
I was from it all.
Iíve offered you my fanciest poetry and the whitest posies.
Piano promises and polite innocence are all.
Iím sorry.

From the Cock of the Walk....

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