Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well Here It Is...

So this is my first post in awhile..well it seems lie awhile to me...since I've had a lot of down time and been in front of or near the computer for most of it....Why weren't there a gazillion posts then? Eh who knows, I'm more or less afraid or tired to do it all right now, something like that..

I guess I'll bitch what appropriate timing the blog malfunctions are....The comments go down (not in a good way either...) and that damn weather chick is MIA, so what's up, is this all a conspiracy against me, something to make me realize all my posting is futile and worthless, something to get me to stop...ehh who cares

damn the apathetic mood I am in, though it may confuse some to say "laid back" mood, but whatever the case. I've got a bird that whistles, I've got birds that sing..Now which song will I make this be, it all falls on this last lyric...and I'll go with the on that in playing on winamp, the one I was originally thinking of until I started typing and saw the similarities to others songs...I have a baby, won't do nothing ...oh, buy a diamond ring..But I like the Corrina Corrina ending right now personally, I just wanted to throw Zeppelin into the mix..

you know the sad truth of the past couple days is as I sit here, I am compelled to pick up the guitar and play the intro to stairway to heaven, don't ask me why, but every 10 minutes I got Corrina in my hands and I'm playing the intro..over and over..I suppose the good thing is that I occasionally mix it up from the album version to the live one off of the song remains the same....

doo doo doo do do, do do. dooo do, do do. doo do, do do. do, do do do do do do do, dooo doo dooooo

ok, that was nice..Anyways, I'll end this here, I have to go for a minute..randomness..

But I ain' a-got Corrina, Life don't mean a thing..ok there it is...

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