Friday, June 18, 2004

Titles are like asses...
everybody's got 'em, and they all stink, smell the roses bitch!

Ohhh, I did some things I really shouldn't have...whoops..well, no one was harmed in the process, well maybe just me, and my inner-self, feelings, and the like...well I knew it was going to happen, especially after the days I have been having and whats been going on, so I blame you (no band plug there) but yeah, you are being blamed....all of you

anyways, I saw "Saved" the other day, should go see it...another movie came out today I want to see, only because they stole Zach's title...."Coffee and Cigarettes"....I don't know what it is about, but I need to see it on principle...should technically see it with Zach, but where is he....what has he been up to...nobody more blog to update the world with, no more weekend phone-calls shooting the shit updating each the brother alive? well he turns 21 soon enough..and if I know zach, and zach's family, there'll be one hell of a party...if that is he is still alive...

so what's going on.....hmmm, future plans run-down,..?:
going to get my car fixed...
taking a road trip to Michigan (more than likely alone)
going to a lot of shows
visit jimmy at the carnival, goshen
throwing/crashing parties
going to cedar point
being creative
going on a multitude of dates with my many harlots...I mean ladies
having a mental breakdown towards the end...
pissing a select few people off
wrapping it up with a trip to the fairs (Illinois state and lake county...)
and then its so long marianne, closing time, na na na na..goodbye

what a plan, and I know I forgot somethings in there but I didn't do it intentionally..well I am off now, rondevousing this weekend with some more randomness...already did we'll hit some ho-dun state like Wyoming...hit the coasts, Cali to Seattle, then swing round and round to Maine...I want real

this has been an eye witness report by AP

so FU




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