Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Hello to you too Elizabeth.....(if you can't tell, these posts will be for anyone who comments on my blog, isn't that grand) So how's life in The Terrible Hole? Just think, it's the last year there, then...either real world or grad school....wow, to think, it's all coming to a close, again...just like high school...but I am assuming, and hoping it's a little different, who knows, not I for certain. Yeah, I should be a senior right now as well....as should Zach, and Barcus, and Anthony, and Dewie...that's really sad...but whatever, we've got ours...Anyways, how's Vince doing? I am planning on making the trip over to see you guys sometime soon, just have to get everything all settled in here first, job and all too. Oh, and I have a present for you two as well, a house warming gift so to speak, well it just goes with the house, so whatever. And of course you, and anyone else, is more than welcome to stop by my pad...just give me a call, saying your in town or gonna pass through or are actually planning ahead, whatever...but make it a point to see the place at least one time, I mean this place is the shiz-nite..you wouldn't believe it, well unless you see it...there are too many perks to this place to list....MSTA...honestly, just check it out, tell 'em Jason sent ya!

so yeah, there's another post for you...I still don't know what I want to do with it all, so yeah, take care in the mean time..this is Jason Angus saying " " goodnight.

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