Saturday, September 11, 2004

"Not Tolerating It Anymore"
this post was made 3 weeks ago....

so this is amusing....Alright, let's see it has been awhile...where did I leave off....hmmm, I guess there's a lot of ground to cover here, but will not....really...just with quick little catch here we go...."dfgfdgbdfgd" yeah, that was a blast.

So I suppose the correct title for my blog/journal thing should be "Bloo35tuesday"..get it...because I Bloomington......"Bloo".....yeah, whatever

Seen any good movies lately? What's up with me, well I moved, I guess that is, in itself, a lot, but who cares right....there's two sides to this, what side you get shall be determined by a panel of gay retarded leather

It's been a long time since I have wrote in here, amazing how fast the summer flew by...a lot was accomplished, yet at the same time, not summer was definitely enjoyable (I can never spell definitely, don't ask me why) I mean it was good to begin with, going in...then there was that time it did get a little rocky...but then things got better, maybe even the best they have (and will?) ever be....

ohhh woe is me. My life ends now.....I would like to say that they also begin now, like the old saying with every ending there is a new beginning...but I've got nothing right now....come back to me in a little bit and see what I saw

Actually I am a little bit confused at my intents or motives for making this post....anyone who actually still/started to read this is with me what the deal-io....well if I happen to be wrong, please feel free to correct me with a comment, because I think I may retire this bad boy, making it just a private little thing for me and me alone......then who knows what will happen

Well it's one at night, I'm tired but only awoke at 10 today so I should be rollin' now, but in any case, I'm gonna go for a walk.....if only you knew.

again, made this post awhile back ago, so yeah, i'll make a newer one to accomdate what i have to say now...

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