Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"She's Like a Prostitute..
..only with better Curbside Service"

Good god, I just realized what time it was....how did it become 2am already...what did I do to fill in all those other hours.....whatever...I'll make this quick

so yeah, I think I am going to explode, no seriously...not a good explosion (are there such things???I wonder) but this will be horrible, I'm doing my damnedest but everything is catching up to me, biting at my heels and lord knows how I hate when the door catches the back of your foot, you know what I'm talking about....when you entering a house or something and the screen door just happens to close too quickly, either because of a gust of wind or you didn't swing it all the way, whatever the case it fucking hurts....

anyways, so plans....yeah now announcing the party (officially unofficial?) well it's the only planned party thus far..I mean come on, there are gatherings every weekend, and mediocre ones during the week, but that's a given, just show up, something is bound to happen...anyways as I was saying...the 29th through the 1st there will be a party at the house....everyone is invited, even if you are...geez, anyone really...1) Mask guy..Royal B..that one dude....ok, maybe not those, but maybe those too, why not, we could have a hell of a time with your presence, honestly....ok you're invited (unofficially of course, don't want to make this all fancy)

I think one of the days is a costume party....then an ASAP party...then rock out with your cock out party..of course refreshments will be served, with a cover charge..DDR a constant...and me hating every individual a must..wait, sorry, busting at the seams

well I don't know what else to say..gots lots tos dos still, lots to run from (HA, TAKE THAT ALL YOU PEOPLE.....) what, I'll admit it..I was a sprinter, I can run..could run...I can still give it a shot

I don't want what I've got going on now
I am living as the self proclaimed image of all that I hate(d)
I am my own undoing

but you're still the worst to me,

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