Sunday, March 13, 2005

How About This...
..I just don't fucking care...

Alright, here's a quick rant to let out feelings, and then not care again...

So everybody's got their issues, everyone watches of recent Jim has been the Toilet Paper Nazi, and to call him a Nazi is not a derogatory thing, it's not a cut down but rather places him on a pedestal above the rest...maybe overlord would be a better term? Anyways, somebody likes to use the last of the TP and not replace it with a new roll. It's not a difficult task, the extra TP is on the other side from you and used roll...and a better thing to point out is, just how is it that miraculously - no matter how many squares are left- it just so happens to be he right amount for them to use it all up, and not need another roll brought out..are these lazy fucks also practicing poor hygiene?

So there's that rant, at least someone knows what's it like to want to live like humans and not be able to achieve of the last things that I care about shouldn't even effect me at all, but it definitely strikes a chord with me....I don't know who it is, but whenever I go to the bathroom, the toilet seat is up! you know, I thought it was just an old wives tale how guys left the toilet seat up..and I thought after all those jokes were made in the early 90's all guys got the hint and were able to move past that..but no, not here...everytime I walk into that bathroom and see that seat propped up, it devalues me as a male..I think to myself, "Gee, way to fit the stereotype you worthless fucks." I mean seriously, how fucking hard is it to even nudge the seat so it falls closed..your hand is right there when you flush the toilet - what the fuck is your deal?

And I know something as simple as this shouldn't bother me, and as I said, it's one of the last few things I actually have some feelings toward, even though it isn't even that rational...and of course my biggest argument is, "if it's such a small or simple thing..why can't it be fixed" life is made up entirely of the little's all you need to worry about, it's all you need to care about. big things can fuck themselves, you have no say, input, or involvement in changing big things...nothing's bigger than the little things...something that can be easily changed, should.

So as you heard me say a couple times already, I really lack any bit of caring on what goes on in this house. Trash on Saturday's, I don't care..whatever. I live in my world - I ignore pretty much everything til I get to the basement. Crumbs on the counter, mediocrely cleaned stove, things in disarray...whatever..if I can get to my place without noticing them, we're all good...

I had someone over, really quickly, we were just make a quick stop here, and the best conversation happened.

"You said nobody was home right?"
"Do you live with children"
"Well they must have been in a hurry or something, I just noticed peanut butter out with no lid, used utensils on the table, cups everywhere..."
"You're right, children would have the decency to clean up after themselves..."

and that makes me embarrassed to have people over. any other place I've been to since living here has kept cleaner (with some exceptions to the dorms I've been to, but that's justified since it is their bedroom, and bedrooms have the tendency to get a little more messier than the rest of the house..) Sure you can argue there are five plus two living here, but in all respect, shouldn't that mean there are five people to actually clean?

S - When did you stop caring? And why?
B - Same answer to both..couple months after living here.
S - Fair enough.

In all honesty, I'm looking forward to being homeless and living out of my car again..anything else to keep me somewhat more sane...

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