Friday, April 15, 2005

Fragile Fridayís
Handle with careÖ

So my question to all is, just why is it that Fridayís tend to be the worst day of the week?

Well it started off nicely, I always enjoy it when I wake up next to someone..but of course I was in no mood to actually wake up; I was tired, upset with the world around me, and just wanted to cuddle myself to deathÖso of course I was late for work, but I only made myself as late as I could actually be before they would need me. I am supposed to be there at 1030 ñ for what reason I am stilling debating, putting tables together or some lame thing, which the hosts actual end up doing before I even get there, so whatever. The first table leaves at 11:42 without fail. Nothing ever before that, and itís the first of many to come, especially on a Friday.

I worked my ass off, for whatever reason I was in extreme helping out mode, pre-bussing tables for servers and just rockiní in general. I was able to keep up with the pace of the afternoon, I never had a break, but didnít really care. There was even one point where Ecco looked like a war-zone ñ having a huge party leave and ironically all the other table around get up as well.

Then after 2 they cut down to closers, everyone peaced out, and I was left empty handed. I was outraged by the fact that I busted my ass, kept up with everything, and for as busy as it was, they left me there to die. Just as I was starting to become happy and everything, BAM, people fuck me over and send me right back to the way I wasÖ

The highlight of the day was the huge water fight Cassidy and I had in the alley. So it goes, I was getting a drink from the pop machine, and I was singing a song that was playing on the radio, it was the oldies station so it was one of the good classic songs that have the high know what ones Iím talking I was singing it, and I knew someone was going to comment on my singing.. most the people just laughed or smiled, but then cassidy made a comment, something about whoís meowing or in mist her sentence I threw ice cubes at her back. She turned and asked why I did that, I replied with because I wasnít ready to do what I had originally wanted to, which was this..and as I said that I was filling my Dixie cup with water and then splashed it towards her direction. She walked over to me, dumped out the sugars in her sugar caddy, and started to fill it up with water. Thatís when I took off and flew out the in door.

I ran round to the bar and asked Ryan to fill my cup up with waterÖand then I walked in the out door to throw Cassidy off. It was a standoff, we both looking at each other across the way, holding our respective cups of water. I told her we could end this right now, put down the waters and call it a day before it gets ugly. But of course she wanted to get even, a feeling she would later regret. After she said no, she threw the water at me, I tried moving out of the way and charged her, hoping to get a closer shot with the water. After I nailed her with my cup, she turns and grabs the pitcher of water behind herÖshe threw that a couple times before she ran out, and then I charged again, grabbing the other pitcher of water and dumping it all over herÖand as she stood there I refilled a it and splashed her in the faceÖshe was shocked. After I made a fool of her I quickly ran and grabbed the squeegee to clean off the floor and dispose of any evidence of a water fight. Luckily for Cassidy she was wearing a water repellant shirt, and though it did itís job the best it could, she still had water on her and wet marks all overÖa couple people congratulated me as being victorious, some saying they knew it was going to get ugly and they just had to stick around not to miss a thing..ohhh good timesÖ

The closers did tip me out (most of themÖCassidy grrrÖ), and the funniest thing was even Michael tipped me out, and he has never in his life tipped me out. But it gets better when everyone was talking about tipping out bussers, and who was good, Michael actually had the nerve to say he generally will only tip Jeremy and I outÖI would have called him out right then and there had he just not tipped me out todayÖbut he ended up getting his uppings to comeÖ.

So, after the closers were cut and going home, Michael on his way out made a mistake, one that may cost him his job. Right before walking into the foyer he stopped at one of the plants and slyly pulled out a bottle of Principato Wine. He would have gone undetected had the bottle not slipped from his hands, fell to the floor, and shattered everywhere. I was at the host stand along with a group of people and we were all really confused as to how something glasslike would have broke over thereÖwell my natural busser instincts kicked in, I grabbed a mop, broom, sweeper, squeegee, and wet floor sign and cleaned it upÖas I was cleaning J.T. came up to me and I asked him, ìdid that just really happen?î he replied saying yes, and that earlier he had overheard Michael telling Cassidy about how he does it all the time..

Well managers somehow got wind of all this, and a select few were brought into the office one by one to write down what they saw/heardÖyeah, weíll see what happensÖ

So I got off of work, being disappointed as hell with my disposstion. I was asked to stay and bus for tonight, but I had plans, which I decided to cancel..well I was going to cancel them in order to bus, but then after all that happened, I just wanted to go home by myself and take a nap. I had even told Summer I was busy tonight with things when she called me at work earlierÖ

I went home, showered and then Mindy called and asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping..the one thing I love to do, so of course I obliged. I went over to her place, took a nap in the time it took her to get ready and then we went shopping. To tell you the truth, shopping was fun and all, but not my normal fun-ness; I think it had to do with the fact that I just woke up and was not really in a good mood to begin with.

We got back, she cleaned out her fridge and I got to eat everything left! JT came over and helped Mindy/talked to her about whatever was troubling him..I was the jerk on the couch watching Backdraft asking every ten minutes where the hell dinner was..we were having a taste test of which BBQ sauce Mindy should use for the party on Sunday and which pasta and cheese she should useÖthis later turned into a smell test of her perfumes because I said she should wear something that actually smells good ñ like what her roommate was wearing, Happy Heart; which stunned the roommate completely since she hadnít even walked by me but I could smell it from across the roomÖI have a nose for these thingsÖ

JT left right after dinner and the roommate went out because it was her birthday..but Mindy had to stay to start baking and getting things ready for her momís birthday party. We stayed up til 4, her baking the cake, me laying on the ground watching TV with the occasional walk into the kitchen to see what was going on or steal a taste of the frosting.

After that it was time for bed, I was ready 6 hours ago, but whatever..the day was long, had itís ups and downsÖ

"If I had a dime every time your ghetto booty knocked into something..."

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