Saturday, April 16, 2005

Fuck Little 5..
and all their parties too..

God..if there was one week I'd like a'd be this weekend..

So I decided to sleep in, a recurring theme I am now living with..there wasn't really anything I wanted to do..I had work at 6, so I finally rolled out of bed at 2..I had wanted to go to all the garage sales in the morning..but I wasn't going to wake up at 7, and only get maybe 2 hours of hype about crap for sale from the night prior suddenly vanished into my dreams.

I left Mindy's and went home, I pull into the drive way, get out of my car and one of the female's from the house next door starts talking to me..though to anyone else it would have seemed like a casual next-door neighbor exchange, I could sense something in the words..she asked if I could do her a huge favor..she asked if I could take her and her friends to the little 500 race..Ugggh, the one thing I was trying to avoid with all possibilities...she handed me ten dollars and bought my soul.

I took her and her three friends to the other side of town where the damned thing was taking place..making our way through the hordes of drunkards with a quick stop at an ATM, wherein this girl accidentally pushed the $100 button when in reality she wanted only $20..the buttons aren't even close to one another..whatever...

so I broke my own restrictions and was semi-involved with the weekends activities...frankly I don't get we really have to have some sort of lame excuse to cause ourselves to have liver damage, lose conscienceness, possibly get raped, for an entire weekend...blows my frickin' mind...

so after that I found out my internet didn't work, I had no idea what to I took a nap. it was uneventful, but up just in time for work..I went in and found out it was going to be a hellish night. the parking lot told a different story, it looked somewhat full, but I was able to get a spot rather quickly, and more spots were around..but one of the bussers called off, and it was mainly parties of 5 or more for the night..I closed, made decent money and went back home..

I was happy because I had the house to myself, yay! the internet was still dead, so I watched TV...which angered me to a point of confusion...I was watching SNL..which normally ends at 12 on CST, which is what we are currently on..but for whatever reason it ends at 1am here...I was so blown away by that..

I was going to call it an early night, once everyone got home..but then the internet started working and I had to catch up on everything I missed...and then I had to pick up Amber from a party (a little 5oo party I'm assuming..) and bring her back here for the night.

so there's the jist of it all...I don't understand Little 500 weekend, don't want any part of it, I've accepted sleeping into my way of life - not feeling worthless for that reason anymore, and is a meaningless waste of time....

Life is not a waste of time, time is a waste of life. So get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life!

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