Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy "V" Day...
A good make up day

So after the horrible day of Thursday, Friday came and made up for it; not by doing anything extraordinary..just being alright...

For once I actually woke up...the alarm went off and I woke up..there was no problem, I knew it was time to get up, and I did just that, weird..I got ready and was on my way, extremely early for work might I add. work was slow, especially for a was too nice of a day so everyone was out enjoying their day, having picnics, and not going to the OG..

now I'm not one to go out of my way to make it a point to let everyone know it's my birthday, but at work, when you're working on tips, you got to sell it like it's your as soon as I got in, I wrote "Happy Birthday" next to my name of the "Who's Who" - a list of names of who is working and what their section is and so forth...well it worked, I had people coming up ot me throughout the day saying, "I saw someone wrote happy birthday next to your name so I had to wish you a happy BDay as well!!!" the funny thing was when Mindy B came up to me and jokingly asked if I wrote it, I told her out right I did, for the sole purpose that people would give me pity tips since it was my the end, even though it was slow I still walked out at 4 with thirty dollars and a five dollar gift certificate to KFC..oh, and some free food I snacked off from Mindy, and Kurtis actually got me the Ashlee Simpson CD!!! rocking is all that?

got out of work, changed into my uber-scene clothes in the car and went for my interview. it went well, I am invited back for the second interview with the store manager...yay, maybe a possible second job..we'll see..and then I went back to the house..snacked on my HUGE trifle and then passed out...funny thing about that is while I was lying down I thought, god, it'd suck if I were to fall asleep and have Amber call me only to find out I had fallen asleep...well that's just what happened...she called wondering where I was, if I was ready or not..of course I was not..I still needed to shower and prep myself..I did all of it in a hurried fashion, running out the door, made it to the MAC to meet up with Amber so we could watch

*Awww, I'm a jackpad and didn't even finish this...well, let's see what I remember...we watched the was in English so that threw me off...but afterwards we walked to this little convenience mart in one of the dorms..I grabbed a crap ton of food to buy with Amber's remaining meal points..funny thing we get up to the checkout, drop everything at the counter, the guy starts to ring up the food and Amber can't find her swipeycard thing...yeah, so she ran all the way back to her dorm to get this card, came back and "paid" for my food"..a birthday gift in a way...just in enough time too, they were pretty close to closing...and we weren't the only ones who forgot their ID thing as naaaah.

we walked back to my place, horrible idea carrying all those groceries, but whatever..when I get home I realize I forgot to grab my keys, and for once there is nobody I had to break in and climbed through the window..a few moments later Katy from work stopped by and we all just hung out....and that's all I can remember now...we stayed up for a long time, talked, and then went to bed?

If anyone remembers what the title is about...I'll laugh

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