Monday, April 04, 2005

Mindy Monday
Nothing accomplished

I can sum up the day with this. ..yup.

So of course after coming back to my place we spent the night together, got a couple hours of sleep before the alarms went off..but we ended up getting more. Every time an alarm went off Mindy turned them off; she needed to be at work by 1130, needless to say she never made it. Now it was her choice to not go, I tried to coax her to get up and go..she kept saying she?d just be late..but late never happened, she never showed and never called despite my efforts...

So putting that aside the whole day we spent in the tent, no joke. We did get up at 3 to make "breakfast", which consisted of French toast, something that I had been craving for a little bit now. After that superb meal, we took a nap, again we did wake up at different random times throughout the rest of the day, getting out again at 10 to go to subway. We got to Subway right after they were closed, we think, only because they locked the doors behind us and were upset..though the doors were unlocked, people were inside, and the "Open" light was still on..and come on..who closes at 1030 anyways

After coming back and eating our Subway we walked to Reed and got some McDonald's desserts. Those two instances, and me moving the cars around at noon were the only times I had actually made it outside on that beautiful day.. We lounged around for a bit, I showed her some pictures on my computer, then we decided to watch a movie..while looking through my DVD collection she asked me, "did you like Vanilla Sky" I about had a that was the movie we decided to watch, with me constantly pausing it so I could laugh, or minimally explain some things.. by the time we got finished watching the movie it was close to 5, so again she stayed the night. Tonight marks the official day of something with the heating blankets being turned off.

Because Mindy stayed with me the entire day, I had yet another excuse to not go to the Region. Litterally nothing was accomplished, I slept an entire day away while spending 30+ hours with the same person. Funny side points were the several arguments we heard throughout the day, things about paper towels, toilet paper, and stink bombs..

All in all it was a good day, nothing was accomplished, but I got a much needed rest? And besides, I knew I wasn't going to the region on Monday, it came too soon and I wasn't prepared..especially picking up two shifts on my day off..whatever

Nothing achieves nothingness, and I'm fine with that....

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