Sunday, April 03, 2005

Picking Up Centrally
..not going Upland...

So what would have been my day off, one of three, turned to be a double shift and me starving

So yesterday as I got to work I noticed a little note Tom put up at the host stand, asking if anyone could come in tomorrow to help host. Well he was standing right there so I told him I could do it, I need the hours anyways, and he told me to come in at 1130. I figured it was my day off, but like I said I needed it and I would get out of there relatively early, 4 or so, and then be able to finish up my things and get ready for a long-awaited Region Trip. But then of course Chip wanted to back out of his picking up my Sunday Night shift, asking me to take it back along with ten dollars. I reluctantly obliged and therefore was stuck at the OG all day on Sunday.

I don't mind hosting, it's fun, as long as I get to greet..seating is where the actual pain comes in..having to know who just got sat what's open, and having servers constantly bitch at you..whatever, I'll open the door for people and say the same things over and over again...Anyways, I was able to greet seeings how nobody else actually likes to greet, therefore it's mine by default.

I was working til 4, and that only because I had to start bussing by at 3 as I was rolling silverware I called Alaina and asked if she could do me a favor, pick me up some Wendy's before she came into work..she said she didn't know if she would be able to because that would make her late..I didn't understand the exact science behind all was 3 when I called, she just got out of the shower..and Wendy's is on the way here, right down the road..whatever

Regardless, Alaina came into work at 4 sans my Wendy's..and I was completely crushed. Luckily Sara P saved the day, somewhat, giving me her leftover appetizer meal. That amount of food was enough to make me less belligerent and not want to break anyone's face at that moment..maybe just some glass.

The night progressed, it not stopped being busy, even after 9 we still had people coming was ridiculous..the highlight of the night was when Tom ordered Smokey Bones food for all us. I was soo happy to have free food, not only because it's food, it's free, but my hunger was starting to re-appear. And then I threw out the stupidiest/funniest joke ever...I told the ol food=shit joke...Tom just looked at me, and disappointingly told me to go buss some tables..and as I passed by him again, I was like, come on, you know you're gong to be telling that one laer..and he's soo good, yet so stupid.

Got off work and made it home by 11, the plan was to meet at Upland right after work, so I quickly changed and made my way. Upon getting there I saw Randall and Kara were already there unbeknownst to the plans, and they were getting ready to peace out but then they saw us arrive so they stayed..

We stuck around for about an hour or so before rolling out over to Lauren's. but as we made it out to the parking lot we met up with Will and Char, and they tagged along with us. At Lauren's we all just hung out, they put a movie in, we tried to play Clue afterwards, but that was a no-go. So then we played Sorry... I was the victor of that one. I didn't really like hanging out with that crowd to be honest, something was off...I don't know if it was the illegal drugs or just what..but I went into my quiet reclusive mode, not saying but two words all night.

After Sorry was completely finished everyone decided to peace out. As we walked out Mindy came over to me and we started talking outside by out cars. We both had stories to tell we decided to go back to my place since it was so cold outside now.

Back at my place we talked, giggled, had a good time and then went to sleep by 6. It was a pretty crazy day looking back on it, nothing crazily crazy, but just a weird day all in all. The Region changed times whereas we did now we are on the same time with them..and to tell you the truth..I don't like that at all. I don't like how no matter what, it will be the same time..which will make any future road trip to the region even more of a problem..I've always like to go with the thought it would take at most 2 hours to get there..and at most 3 to get it's the same both ways..I have no change of time to give me a benefit...this sucks....

My Pick for NCAA Championship...UNC over Illinois!!!

Time is just a waste of a recorded past and an unsustainable future...

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