Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunny Day...
Cancer and Vince...

yeah..they go together, in more ways than one..believe me..

Today was my day off...and though I said on my next day off I was going to get things can't get anything accomplished on a I did just that, nothing really...I'm sure I would have tried making a blog post, but would have gone stir crazy trying to bide my time...but luckily Vince and Elizabeth stopped by.

Granted they did wake me up from one of my naps, and freaked my shit out by banging on the window..I was happy to realize it was them. we talked on the steps for a bit, catching up in some ways, then we went inside..I had to change into going out/worthy clothes..but first i played DDR for Vince, then showered quickly.

we then took a stroll down Mitchell to see the perspective area for where we will be living next year...Chris has a house, actually his grandfather's, for us to live in - since he won't be needing it because his douche ass bought friends, sold out, and joined a frat..whatever..he said I could look at the house I called him yesterday, asked if I could stop in and take a look since my friends I'll be living with were going to be in town..he replied with some crazed response that it won't be a problem, he'll set up an appointment with his grandfather??? anyways, we walked up and down the road, commenting on which house we hoped it would be, I suppose that was funner than if he actually known the street numbert..whatever..

We got back to the house and then Vince decided we should eat at McDonald's, so we drove over to Reed (we were too tired from walking?) and there we met back up with Amber who was more than happy to buy our meals - I even got to take a Big Mac home for later!

Then Vince wanted to go to Target for whatever reason, I don't ask, it's something to we went...then went ot the mall, bought candy..but the kicker is that it's a candy store so I thought they may actually have the coveted coke bottles I have been searching for..but alas, no..they have non-sugarcoated coke bottles and they also have blue coke bottles, which taste plain as hell (I know what you're thinking, I should automatically like those..well fuck off..)

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