Wednesday, May 04, 2005

how cool is that???

yeah, that date is awesome, and fuck those wetbacks...

so what a fucked up I made it to Bloomington at 6, in bed by 6, like I said I would be...getting up only hours later to be at work at 1045...but that never happened. I woke up with all intentions to go, don't get me wrong, but I physically couldn't. aside from the nauseous feeling, my nose was stuffy as hell, my eyes gunkified, and my voice now completely gone. I called into work and nobody recognized me, and had to ask several times just to be manager even chuckled as he said, "you may want to get that checked out"

so I slept the rest of the day...again, this is all I do, sleep and work...woke ready, my voice half-way there, still feeling like ass though. Mindy drove me to work, they figured my place to be following Nina, so I did that for half the night, then for the second half she did nothing, gave me her swipee card, and took the last four tables. it was easy enough, even with my voice trying to regain itself...and at the end Nina actually gave me some of the tip money, so I was happy. the night was long though, my table was the last to leave, and I wasn't a closer, nor was Nina..and I don't think anyone got cut til we locked the doors, very strange.

after work we made a pit stop for Amber, we exchanged "presents" which was awesome..then Mindy and I wanted food so we went to Kroger and bought some random snacks and a deep dish pizza. got back to her place, we cooked the pizza, searched for movies forever, but eventually found them and decided on Mystic River..I think we made it a little past half-way through the movie before Mindy asked if we could stop because she was falling asleep...all too often this girl gets comfortable and can't finish a movie...

and thus was my day..though I cannot stress enough over the fact that my voice was completely gone..I sounded like grandma whispering...there was was all too crazy. and so in honor of Cinco De Mayo, grab yourself a Corona and some tequila, and call me in the morning?

Words like violence, enjoy the silence...

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