Friday, May 27, 2005

It's what you want

something short and sweet, unlike my day..

so what did I do all, I worked right through my spilt..Matt and I rocked out all day and part of the night, we had a good time, but then night came..and it got busy, but you would never know from my section...for whatever reason I had tables open several times throughout the night..and the best was when Mindy was getting swamped with her large tables, and she was recalling all the shit for her three tables and then I walked up and went, look at this, swiped my card to recall my tables and it read, no tables are open for this operator..she was like, are you kidding me? it was great..

and I refused to run any food, we had three people doing "Hot Food Go" shifts, so there should have been no reason for anyone else to run food, but constantly ther was food piled up on the was retarded...

I worked through because I was originally a split, and when I was cut at 2 I had only $ 4:00, the time I was supposed to get back on I probably was up to $50...and by the time I walked out at 10 tonight I had $130 in my hand.. how I made that much more in that time with hardly being sat is beyond me, but whatever I'll take it...

and now, to get some rest and do it all again tomorrow....

"wait..I have to draw you.."

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