Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father What?
Hoosier Daddy?

A holiday Iíve never recognized, not with family, extended family, or friendsÖ

I worked just this morning, which was fine by me, especially after what happened at work the few hours I was there. In retrospect I did say it didnít matter what kind of day I would have to end the week, the night prior I made $170, twenty of that from the morning, the rest all from the night shiftÖ

But I had a mere five tables all dayÖthree during the rush for about 2 hours, and then got double sat after that, once the lobby was emptyÖthat was enough for me to actually vocalize my distain to the hosts. I had my favorite section, chianti 3 ñ my middle table was moved over to join a party, which I wasnít apart of. So I still had two tables remaining, both a two top, the other a classic four. However I still only saw one table at a time during this entire rush period.

I originally took post at my normal spot ñ at the POS terminal at the in door..and I told the hosts, whenever you go ahead and seat me, just turn the corner and let me know, so that they can get greeted in a timely fashion since I was not moving at allÖbut then I finally got sat, and I didnít feel like sitting there anymore, my absentminded state figured it would be beneficial to run food for the restaurant. And I did just that. There was one point where tom, who was expoíing, asked if I had any tables, I told him just one, he was astonished.

And then once the rush was gone, business had declined, cuts were to be made, the back door opening..i get double sat, for no reason. So after I got my guests settled with salad or whathave you, I went to the host stand and put in my compliant. I even went so far as to tell them I was not going to take another table for the rest of my shift (I wasnít a closer, so this really shouldnít have been a problem) and the funny thing was, the hosts understood my pain, and were ok with my statements..whateverÖ

Until..christine, who was the impeccable seater last night who kept me full and inturn allowed me to make as much as I did, tried to seat meÖthey didnít want me open table, so she took them to a booth just round from my section and asked if I could pick them up..she was there for my ìno seat meî rantÖbut I think she was just trying to keep me full again like she did for me last nightÖgranted this is 3:30, and I am for whatever reason still on the floor.

So I greet the table, get their drinks, and am literally pissed as as I am walking away to get them a kiddy menu, Mindy (of all peopleÖ) comes up to me, and asks if I am taking that table or what..well it turns out that table is in her section..and sheís a closerÖso why did the hosts ask me to pick it up..because theyíre fucking retardedÖ

Mindy took the table, I donít know whether to be nice since she saw how pissed I was, or just because it was supposed to be hersÖwhatever the case it was off my back and I got out of there moments later.

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