Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's the First... several ways...

ahhh, a day off...I forgot what those were like..not so much....

So today was my day off, the first day off since last Monday...thirteen or so shifts later and here I am now...I had a "good" evening last night, you know, wanting to go out is good right? and in light of everything that went on last night (the little alcohol I had and the mass debating, or rather discussions) coupled with the fact I got to sleep in, I did just that..I slept in....

I didn't really accomplish much...I did call BankfuckingOne about my god damned title for my car...I didn't get my oil changed though, the coupon expired yesterday...but I did do my laundry..and I did buy more undershirts and black socks...and I did price my camera to get repaired...and I even went ot Kroger to Rock My Thirst...but it wasn't until 8 or so when I realized today was the day that I actually had set aside for other now I am a little upset, but what can you do..

but check it out, this will be my second post for the day..I accomplished one when I woke up, how bout that for not doing anything..yeah, that's what I thought..

so that's basically it..I think I'll stay in tonight, I did try to go miniature golfing, but they stopped taking golfers at 8:15 for some lame reason, so I knew none of my girls would have time to get I was left with nothing...Mindy called me a little bit ago to invite me over for some cook-out thing with her and some co-workers...god, I really hate people...especially the ones I work with, I just don't get see them at work, do you really need to see them outside of that place? whatever, they can all get food poisoning for all I care..

and on that note I'm going to watch a movie...have anything in mind..Dave?

"wake up wake up wake up, it's the first of the get up get up get up..."

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