Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Itís HereÖ
November that isÖ

Well I just came to the conclusion that whatís going on now is almost an exact repeat of last NovemberÖawesome, letís watch.

For those of you who knew me last November, those were some good times..riiight. For those who were somehow involved with it last time - whether it was the cause of, or just watched it first-hand ñ maybe you can recollect what it took last time to get me out of this slumpÖ

I canít predict how badly this will all go; I would like to say that whatever doesnít kill you just makes you stronger..and just like when you burn your fingertips on hot plates, the first time it kills..but then, the more it happens, you just become accustomed to it ñ you build up some sort of tolerance to itÖI would like to think so in this case as well..

I mean last time there were a lot of factors involved, there were several parties, whether they knew it or not, a lot of things working against each other to make the outcome like it was. This time, a lot less variables and maybe, even maybe there might be some positive upstrokes occurring at the time as wellÖ.but you also have to note under what circumstances we are working under....the ìknown existenceî factor is on the complete opposite side of what it was before..

So when, where, and how everything will fall is beyond me ñ Iíll just keep doing the things I do to put me into situations such as this..and one day that syringe will bail me outÖ

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