Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bright Eyes
All right

Spilt beers, broken drumsets, and a good time

all in all the concert was alright, it had it's moments, both good and bad. despite what some may think I don't think the openers were all that horrible...they were Conner's children if you will, carrying the same folky spirit of telling a song with just a guitar...I liked the first guy the best, the second dude was just lame though...

the harp intro for Bright Eyes was nicely done, and the use of many different musical instruments was what I appreciated the most. the song choice however, not so good.. I know I know, Bright Eyes has so many songs to choose from, how could you ever narrow it down to just an hour set, with a couple song encore as well...well to be honest, it sucked....seriously most of the songs they played were songs I would have hit the Next button on my winamp.

the closer, "Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and Be Loved)" was ridiculously amazing..props for the best closer ever..whodathunk to use a ten minute long song, actual album length ten minutes, no solos or anything like that, to close with..whatever it was cool, though I think they shortened it up just a bit..anyways it was awesome because Conner called out the openers to play with him, and there were at one point two and half drum sets with four drummers...whatever, overzealous use of the drums equals major fun in my book!

Conner of course was trashed by this point, and started to knock over the equipment...even better! so for those reasons, I think it was the best encore I've ever witnessed...

but the venue was too big, very intimidating to the openers, and you's not the type of music you go to a concert for...there is no stage presence or performance, because these guys tell listen in and out of while you with your friends throwing back a gin and tonic...I would love to see any one of those artists in some dumpy night club, where they are within their element and then everything would be perfect.

so after the concert I went home with mindy, we were going to watch Memento, but that never happened, and thus you have Sunday of no work and a concert.

"Soo I just paid nine dollars for this minisized snack of chocolate cookie dough balls?"

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