Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another SomeDay...
..without a meaning...

The more and more I try, the more others don't....

Today was one of those days...and I don't know how to say it in any other started with me waking up at 8, then 9, then 10, and finally just laying around awake trying to go back to sleep, but having it not work out for me..the temperature of the bed was too warm, but just at that right temperature not to make me sweat..when I did get up I didn't do anything but sit around..mindy called and I called her back a little bit later..

we started talking about the night prior, she thinking I was mad at her, again I digress it was the situation I was/currently am mad at, not her...she asked if I was coming over - no - and then there was silence, she wanted me to talk..and then when I did she just got upset and said "this is stupid", she wanted to talk in person..

so I get ready, dressed, and finished off my horrible oatmeal, head over to mindy's. I'm detached, not talking, and then I start to tell her about my bad dream I had last night, well half of I, the part where it was prep time for my suicide? yeah, this conversation is going on, she asks me to continue talking while she showers..and by whatever chance of fate I'm in the shower too...and we talk, but about nothing in particular..

so then it's time for me to go to work..and I do..and let me tell you that was the most confusing thirty minutes of my life....I get to work..I'm in the family table section..grrrrr....and my entire section is the hosts wan to seat seat me at 301, not in my's Karla's - working the familytable with me, but the problem I have with swapping sections is, she's coming on the floor the same time as I she will be walking in the door in literally two they seat it anyways, Karla walks in, I tell her the story and she takes the table..

then Debby comes up to me and tells me the family table is adding more people to it and need another table..then she asks me to take the table all together since she was a lunch closer..she says she only has drinks out to I oblige...well she had already rang in these drink orders and had the food order taken as well, for half the now I got this section clears out and the hosts want to seat me...and then danielle comes up to me and asks if I can watch her 302 because she needs to pick up Fred, hands me her swipee card and leaves..

but things eventually got sorted out..and it was a looooooong drearily slow night..I sat down with my last table and just talked to them, it was the longest running joke possible, it all started with my table being off-balanced because it was a three I sat down next to the one girl and even brought myself a was a good time, and they left a nice tip as well..somehow I managed to walk out of that place with forty dollars..

oh and it gets better when I tell you about Shady she worked tonight, we had talked the night prior about doing something, mainly talking, tonight after work..well I was hinting at the subject all night..and to say hinting is beyond an after I got cut and checked out I waited just a bit and she was cut as I was waiting for her to say yay or nay..but as I turned my back for three seconds she was out the door...I've been blown off before, but jesus h that one was one hell of a slap in the face...

so then mindy was checking out, but was getting food, so I came home and dicked around on the computer forever..mindy called, but that was the end of my night..

"..and when I don't try, people hate me more..."

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