Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Breaking resolutions.... what?

I did so much of nothing, it actually was damaging....

It's a little funny, the situation I put myself in...I finally make a stand to not so much time with Mindy and everything in the world is making it the hardest ever to prove that possible...the latest tiff with my roommate causes me to not want to step foot in the house..but I'm not gonna lie, when I'm there I feel as if I reign supreme over all and if someone were to stop in, they would be under my mercy..

so yeah, as I was saying...I spent the better part of my day off sleeping..then went and did some shopping..purchased the new DDR Extreme 2, have yet to play it though, bought two movies, and searched around for a new record player - with no luck.

it was around five when mindy called, and then came over to pick me up..she had to go shopping at the places I had already been to that day, so I went with nothing better to do and me really wanting her company. by the time she was finishing up I was completely dead and I passed out in her bed..I had made half-plans with people for today throughout the week..but I was little too tired to do anything.

I believe after my nap we made some food only to stay up a little bit longer and pass out. I ended up staying the night only because mindy picked me up therefore I didn't have a car...never made it to the Bird, never did anything I should have but instead broke my ten day streak of not staying with mindy...I also had to explain to her the extreme hotness of a girl sleeping next to you wearing only panties...probably the sexiest thing possible..almost completely naked, yet covering up the right parts with a small amount of silky lace...

and people (she) wonders why I go crazy..

"You're wearing that to bed..well I'm awake now.."

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