Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day Tue..
..with classes!

Alright, for titles, that one takes the cake!

In an attempt to tip the scales I'm trying something new...we'll see how that goes. I didn't wake up early like I wished, merely wished not planned on happening. so I went to work, made little to no money, but as long as it's one of my favorite numbers (35 for you imbeciles..) I'll be ok with that..

I got back here shortly after 3..starting winding down only to wind up again and head off to class...that's right, you right that correctly...class...I was to meet up with Alaina at Ballantine Hall, which for the record I still had no idea where it was located..oh, the class, History of Rock N Roll 2...and today they were finishing up the Stones and leading into the Kinks..good god I about had 13 orgasms..

so it was a funny feeling to be back in an auditorium hall with a couple hundred other people my age (kinda) all around...and it was at that moment that I realized, wow, there are a lot of people..out there..take that in as many ways as possible, because I sure the hell did..I thought that my life somehow had integrated into a large part of people..but that's only around me, and around those people..those layers can only go so thick before the whole Jason persona and all he represents fades...(I mean we see how "DoucheRocket" made it's way to Indianapolis...) But yeah, there are a lot of people I still don't know..and the kicker is...

who the hell am I to say that I found the one I truly love, the one I'm supposed to be with when our relationship was only forced on by a close interacting environment..to say I'll never find someone like what'sherface is retarded..there's so many fucking people out there..and some of them are actually attractive. and we all know how I love to meet new people..and we all know how I wear my heart on my sleeve and can become infatuated with a newperson as easily as my pants drop (what?!) so yeah..to fuck with everything else..cold turkey..not a problem, as long as I keep re-reading this...and tattoo it on my hand when I have to face certain people..like at work...

Anyways as for class, it rocked, no pun please..I really enjoyed it, I mean afterall it was the Stones, who I and the teacher are in love with. so I'll be going to that class as much as I can..unfortunately I did pick up a shift for Thursday evening somehow..what are the odds of that..

after class I walked around, trying to find my way home, made it to Subway (ohhh yeah) and walked home..ate the entire footlong, I must have been hungry for I planned to eat only six inches of it and the remainder later..continued watching some episodes of Arrested Development, went to Target, and then it was nine and I was too tired to live..so I took a nap, which lasted for a mere hour and a half, the music got too loud and a voicemail got my attention..so I stayed up for a large part of the night, IM'ing random people, watching TV, listening to music, and came to love life, if only for a few moments.

Highlight of my night, if not for the rockin' class, the footlong I ate, the TV shows I watched, or just the unusual good mood I was in may just have been the acquirement of Laurissa's number..we have a date...kinda...it's something, but even an avalanche starts with one snowflake.

"oh yeah, she may care and I just may be proven my strength..she called, but that was all, a voicemail and goodnight"

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