Monday, January 16, 2006

Manscapping Monday...
or MiLK Day...

It's a Holiday...really?

So the thing I am most upset by is the fact there was no mail delivery service today..I've got things coming to me..I need my mail! anyways, MiLK day was nothing to get excited about...too many servers were on the floor, we hardly held the business for it..I was in bianco and the only thing that made me happy were my seven young ladies who came to visit me.

on a happy note, I finally got to play DDR Extreme 2 today..which was awesome beyond all belief...I really like how it just lets you keep playing til you want to quit, instead of having rounds of three or five. so I played for almost an hour then I showered...there really wasn't too much to do after that..I felt like I wanted to do something, find direction in my life..but I kinda exerted all my energy by stomping around..

I waited around til mindy called, which was somehow 10 - and I did make a comment about (she was a split for crying outloud) anyways she remedied it by having pizza leftover for me. she came and picked me up, we went over to WalMart where she bought more candles and sheets and other random things..she's just as bad as I am...

after that we got home, I finally got to eat..I was in fullout guy mode, what with dressing "like a guy", watching sports, and having a cold one in my hand..I watched the end of the LA Lakers VS the Miama Heat Bball game while Mindy was rearranging her room...after that we watched Primal Fear and called it a night..

"Would Mindy Bruce please come to the exit..."

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