Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Picking Up the Pieces...
..like fixing a broken mirror....

Today was clean up day for those who fucked up last night...aka me

started off waking up still drunk, possibly..lingered out to the hall and greeted Elizabeth telling her she missed one hell of a night..from there I fell on to my ass, waking up Char and we all chatted it up for the next hour...by then it was time for me to go to work..rather, go to Mindy's to go to work..

I got to Mindy's, who had finally fell asleep from being awake for the better part of the night, and I tried to make it as quick and painless as possible..grab my shirt and go was the plan..didn't quite happen like that...as I was getting my shirt on she became more aware of her surroundings..and then started asking questions..and me not really wanting to go into everything without going into EVERYTHING would just try to ease her pain, give her a quick response, and be on my merry way..but more questions and more aware she became..I tried to leave several times but it was difficult leaving mindy in the upset state like that..I wanted just to smooth everything over right then and there, but knew we'd be there for awhile..and I was already late to work..

so I went to work..it was sooo slow, I barely walked out with twenty dollars..but the highlight was when I talking to Doug about a subject he so loves dearly - Laurissa (Rachann's friend) I know how much Doug loves this girl, and it just so happens that she was out with us last night and I came everso close to making out with her..actually, she was going to, and it would have happened had the whole mindy (blown out of proportion by everyone there) thing never happened...he said he would get down on his knees and praise me as his god if I actually were to, one day..not only that but he said as the new sales manager he'd let us all sample the bottle of Amarone at the family gatherings..just because...he said he'd give me his cell phone to call him as soon as it happened so he'd be the first to know..a-mazing

so after work I snacked on some random goodies..then I had a voicemail from mindy asking me to come over to talk some more..so I did just that...but we didn't have much time, I arrived as she was getting ready for work..and again I didn't want to go into every little detail because I don't like to have breaks in the story, so I tried to feed her what she was asking about, enough to fill her up for awhile..but that didn't happen, she became more and more furious..and she left for work almost in tears...great....

so I waited around til mindy got off of work and then I made my trek back over there..we cleaned the male rats cage, we talked a little bit, but by then I didn't know what to say, she already thought I was withholding information because of my short little responses earlier..the night ended on a good note though..we watched Madagascar and called it a night..I think all was well?

"Yeah, I could use another follower, they come and go, only around after I turned water into wine.."

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