Friday, January 06, 2006

Pre-Meeting Drunkness..
and Neiler's B-Day...

All in all it was an exciting night with a different crowd..things looking up this year

going against prior statements made only hours before my 11am phone call I got up and went with mindy for lunch. in my head everything still rings true, I still feel the same way, nothing has change, I didn't sleep on it and feel better's still the same...but in her attempts as a girl she persuaded me with food to hang out..this is really a point for her because she can now think everything is fine and back to normal, making everything I said null and void..and thus I lose steps in progression

I didn't come to this conclusion until I sat down in the Chinese restaurant. we had lunch..I tried to be "jerk Jason" the one that doesn't care what you think - I don't love you no more guy, we've all seen this one.. but I don't totally blame her for this happening, I mean I do let it happen, I do it to myself..all because of Hope....

so she rushed out of lunch to get to work on time...I took my time and eventually made it to work a little bit later. work got frustrating...I actually went off on the hosts, a thing which I have never really done before.. I may have called them jerks or stupid, but I actually took a mount out of my time to run up to the host stand, which at the time they were all up there, and curse them out left and right for their actions...I later told their manager of my outlash and he knew something was up.

so after work it was time to get our drink on...Drapper came over and we headed straight to Upstairs...and from there it was all over...we were kinda early, well just before the crowd got there. I took notice to two young ladies sitting at the bar, one in particular who had a pleasant disposition as I put more people came in I saw countless number of men going up and talking to them..I made conversation about how I wished I could be one of those guys, who talks and girls are interested...til then...Chase and his gang showed up later and not to mention Nina, char and Rachann making an appearance, but that was at the jungle room (Rachann couldn't get into upstairs for some reason...)so we moved things over there....and soon after it was just a big mess of wandering back and forth from place to place...I had only two drinks, an AMF and a white Russian, but the treated me right...I had a continuous morethanbuzz/not completely drunk thing going on all night...I never felt bad, but I knew I couldn't drive so much...and it lasted all night, it was the singlemost best buzz ever...

there was hilarity, drama, dancing..just about everything you may want out of a night...I remembered it was Kneeler's birthday at some point and decided to give him a ring. I came to find out that he was just sitting at home jerking off, all his friends had ditched him or didn't have things going on so I told him to meet me out at the bars and I'll do him only moments later he and his brother showed up, and to a barrage of alcohol he received. I was with Nina and Char as Kneele came up to me and they had all met once or twice before, and upon hearing it was his birthday were buying shots like he was one of the gang...he was really touched by their gesturing and I said at the OG we are really big on celebrating people's birthday's...hey, when you're with us, you're family ;-)

so things got turned up a notch for everyone at that point...and once closing time came all were overcome with sadness and a feeling of wanting to let go..Drapper dropped me off...too drunk to drive myself anywhere I merely harassed those I would have shown up on their 4 I received a call to get into a hottub just down the road, but I was already half-naked laying in bed..trying to get a few hours of sleep before the 8am meeting and my morning shift following I passed out.

"Hey look, it's that girl from the other bar - accidentally touches her immediate scared look - oh Hi...oh my god I just touched her"

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