Saturday, January 07, 2006

You're a Cunt,
A Backstabber,

Just an all-out Bitch....the both of you

Well let's get the other shit out of the way first...we had a meeting this morning at 8am, and I'd say there was a record number of drunk/hungover people for it..good thing it only lasted an hour because I really wanted to get back to bed before my 1145 shift...though sleep didn't really happen, and neither did eating..I just was in and out of it, with my stomach turning over as much as I at work it was lame, I made a bill, go me, and then I was on my way home at 5, and that's where things get crazy...

I basically came across the fact that my roommate is a backstabber and is in collusion with a mentally unstable ex-friend of mine, A&E..well in light of such information I was fuming, I made calls, called people names, and left in a furry... ( fuck you over???again???riiiiiiiiiight)

you know just as I was starting to have some sort of trust form out of the cracks of a shady mold she presents herself with it all comes crashing back into my face..just as she and I were hanging out incorporating her with my friends, even having a potential hook-up for her..she has the back of some bitch she barely knows..

so I went out, bought some records, spending more money I really shouldn't have, but I needed something to take the edge off...I came back and watched arrested development..I waited for a call from Kathleen, but instead mindy called..and like a moth to the flame, like habit I went..we hung out, she passed out and I went home at 2am...

"Amber - You fucking Cunt!!!"

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