Tuesday, February 28, 2006

FAT Tuesday!!!
Time for Packazi's!

Partying like it's 1999....

wow, so what a day...it started out a little weird, waking up at 8 thirsty as hell..then going back to bed only to wake up two hours later for work..I called Rachann to make sure she was up and then I went to work..it was only moments later that I realized it was Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Packazi Day..and tomorrow being Ash Wednesday...

well, as shocking as it was to me, it was even more shocking to everyone at work..somehow this one "holiday" of sorts had almost slipped through the hands of the main party people. As soon as Brendan found out, Happy Hour was chanted throughout the alley...and Chase, chase came to the quick realization that he had forgot to make time for church tomorrow...him and I both, we both picking up doubles on a day we weren't scheduled.."Looks like our asses will be up at 6am.."

so after work everyone was excited to start with the drinking at 4, the beginning of Happy Hour (which for the record is illegal in the state of Indiana due to equal opportunity pricing...) However I was a late comer, had my haircut at 4 and then had to shower after that, of course, I hate those loose hairs and funky style it's in after the cut..so I blew off class and showed up shortly after 5..and that's where the fun began...

so I show up to Kilroy's and everyone is already tipsy..and everyone is giving me the third degree to why I came so late...I seriously explained it four times in a row, that's how off people were. started the day off with a double gin&tonic..got my cheeseburger with fries and moved on to my own pitcher of Blue Moon..we hung out there for awhile..it was nice to have a semi-diverse crowd..good times..

but by 730 we decided to move over to the jungle room, get a table there early before the crowd..and oh, did we get a table....we actually got the VIP section, the place in the back corner with the plush couches, the little game, coffee table, a server, and roped off section...it was cool - because we are cool. the thing I didn't like was when our waitress changed at 9, so did our drink specials..so we were arguing that, but we didn't want to make too much of a scene and get kicked out of VIP, so we hushed up, most of the people were really too drunk to care by that point..

at the jungle room, in the VIP section, that's when and where things got...crazy...I won't go into details, but alcohol was flowing and everybody was pretty much coupled up...and because of this, my "not gonna repeat last year" attitude made me get up and go over to see the band play. (for the record I had my chance wit a married woman and turned it down....again). I was over there for a couple songs, long enough to come to the conclusion I didn't like them and decided to go back..I was hoping that my dispersal may also make others get up and move around...and when I came back it kinda did, but not to the full effect I wanted it to. as I was walking up to the ropes Char comes up and starts hitting me..Immediately pissing me off..and we have a little discussion on the events that just happened...all was cleared up soon enough and it was about at that time we decided to make our move to somewhere we could dance (as if the jungle room didn't have a dance floor?)

so by 1230 we mossied on over to Sports, which let me tell you was a brilliant move...dancing yes! they've got this long and narrow stage thing that I guess you're supposed to sit on or something, but our group just climbed up on it and danced our asses off...we were the only ones who were really getting down into it, and the DJ was all about it, he kept dropping off free beers at our table. oh the love...couple of the funnier notes were that they refused to serve Rachann, they figured she was drunk enough...and she was..she really really was..I think she had her top off more than she had it on, let's just go ahead and say that...that girl had on so many beads I'm surprised she didn't become top heavy and topple over...love her to death don't get me wrong...but when she cock-blocks me, well that's another story..several times I'd be dancing with a girl that I brought up on stage wit me and then a few minutes later rachann would just barge right in between the two of us..and because it's a narrow piece of strip I couldn't really go around her and back to the girl..it sucked.

some other highlights were when this random guy wanted a picture of me..so he grabbed me, grabbed this girl, and took our pic..funny thing was, the girl nor myself knew the guy, nor each other..creepy weird...and then when I went over to Captain organ to get free stuff this girl starts talking to me and I interject with, "wait, are you one of the Captain girls, or some random girl I can actually hit on?" but she was a captain girl..and we continued to talk, and then Drapper walks up and says to stop hitting on his girlfriend..apparently, of all the Captain Morgan girls I chose to hit on and talk to, it's the one matt knows..amazing.

and then it became time for almost everyone to leave..about 2am, but Dane (the psychopath) and myself decided to stick around just a little bit longer..he was trying to hookup with a girl, and I was just going along for the ride...I thought I had very well found a girl, we were dancing, it was cool, all seemed to be gong well, and then she gets a call from her boyfriend...yeah..

so shortly after that we peaced out, giving that girl and her friend a ride home - during which the friend lit up a cigarette in the backseat of my car and then were accusing us of maybe raping them if we were to hang out wit them at their place...yeah, as I said, you bitches are lucky I don't stop the car right here...but they were cool and I didn't mean to be so much of an ass...when I dropped them off Dane was still trying to get wit them, then they came over to my side, opened my door, and gave me a hug..I was able to tell them their real names and they were very happy with that and gave me kisses on the cheek..I got Dane back in the car and I took him over to forest..

as for me, my night wasn't quite over..I went over to Kroger with the intentions of buying Packazi's..and I did just that..then when I got home I had a mental lapse and called mindy (note: she had originally called me at 130, I texted her back saying I was dancing at sports..) so I invited her over...she was asleep and didn't wan to get up..and I harassed her for the next 45 minutes..I think we had a little fight, whatever..things are just stupid, obviously, it's my life right....and so I slept alone, probably for the better?

"You know it'd be good Jason..."

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