Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Olivia...
and other stupid shit...

why oh why?

remember when this thing used to have cool posts in wasn't just a daily list of the events I partook in, or the random occurrences, as great they are, that was the ladle to the melting pot of my mind. any random thought, idea, dream, whatever would be divulged in some obscure way to say it using printable type.

Now, now look what we've become...we've taken the safe path..the retelling of a day to day experience with only bits and pieces of emotion. I am disappointed in myself..and partly the readers as well..if there are still any. Are people really satisfied with the hodgepodge? in mimicking voice "I woke up, brushed my teeth..the toothpaste fell off the brush and into the sink...I hate it when that happens.." bor-ing. I think you use this as your escape goat from reading Ulysses.

of course I want to retell the random events of my life, when remarkable and memorable things happen...but who cares if a table mid-day stiffs me - bullshit

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