Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'll Argue it Til I Die..
..life's just not right...

had it not been a Tuesday, things could've been worse..or maybe not.

life's full of things you just don't want to do, for whatever reason..but in the end you realize you just have to, no matter what. One of those things I have to realize is I have to move on, in many a sense of the word. I need to move on with my life, in what direction I don't care, it has never really mattered to me, I just know a change would do me good.

it seems like every two-three year point marks a turning point in my lifestyle in some way or another. whether it be a change in jobs, change in friends, or a change in living, it always seems that just as I start to settle into a place, start earning people's respect and admiration, it's time to move on elsewhere, and spread the good word there.

I'm giving Michigan another chance, funny how I state it like that, they are the ones re-admitting me, but it's my ultimate decision if I step foot on that campus again. UofM looks good from two angles when you approach it, but when you start to look closer and apply the other factors in my life, what I truly want (god only knows what that is), and just what would be the best...the golden path to the north has suddenly been polluted with foggy paths and road construction.

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