Sunday, March 19, 2006

Margaritas? Wine? Dave?
you decide....

uggh, one of the most jam packed days, and it's not even the summer....

so the day starts off as any Monday morning does, I wake up and go to work at 1130, was ridiculously slow, I walked out with a twenty, knowing full well that I would spend more tan that tonight, great..the week is off to a wonderful start..I was completely out of it, I woke up depressed and I just wanted to fall aback asleep as soon as possible. I gave mindy a ride back to her apartment so that we could get started on the process we both fell asleep..

she woke up to continue working on her dessert and researching some of the wines for the dinner while I tried to sleep some more..finally I got up and switched over the loads.somewhere after six she asks me if I could drop her off at the OG at 7 so she can help out setting everything up..I said yes, had the time been different I would have said something, seeings how I wanted to go home to change and meet everyone at Tumbleweed before 8, but 7 was a good time for me..

so 7:15 rolls around and I'm starting to get a little antsy..then I say to her that I still need to go home after I drop her off to change, she asks if I was joking, and I asked if she really expected me to go in what I was wearing, or lack there she gets all mad saying I never told her I had to go home and change, and that it was bad communication on my part..I try to explain that I didn't think I had to spell out every little detail of my events after I was finished dropping her was budgeted for me to drop her off at 7, giving me plenty of time to do everything I needed...whatever....

so I drop her off at 7:30 now, rush back home and quickly throw some random shirt on, and hightail it over to tumbleweed. there I meet up with the gang, who had been sitting there awhile for me, and I explain to them the situation about Dave...he was to be showing up around 830, I didn't want him sitting at my door not being able to get in, and I didn't want him to sit at the OG and wait for me, so I directed him to "meet me" here, little did he know he wasn't gong to be meeting me...I gave them money for his drinks, convinced Matt B he needed to go to the wine dinner and hopped on over there..

we walked in together, both wearing sport coats - this would later haunt us - but that had just got started, somehow it was 8:23 when we walked in...anyways, the dinner was cute..I liked the blind taste test they did, we ate something other than OG food, which was a nice change up..I didn't like something..I'm not sure really what though, something did piss me off..there was a time when I got up to use the bathroom and someone made a comment about how I was getting up yet I had just got there...whatevs...

and when it was finished I told mindy since her car was here she could take herself home, and I mentioned how my pants were still at her place, well she completely flipped out, never seeing a reaction like tat out of her saying how that sounded great to anyone who was listening, but not in a chuckle kinda way, something with more anger....

so from there matt dropped me off at my car at the weed, and we went on over to Comedy Caravan. the gang was able to snag the front row seats, which we so love, and we sat there with them. Dave would show up several minutes later, how I'm not sure, but he found us right before the first comedian went on.

two acts, the headliner being somewhat of a well known man, has had appearances on that horrible show Everybody Loves Raymond - and though his sound effects were amazing, they weren't really funny so I don't know what he was really going for, maybe I missed the memo...after the show we were all invited to The Office Lounge, the infamous townie bar, and most of us headed on over there. Dave, drapper, Charlene, Tabetha, Rachann, and myself made up the remaining crew, and we were joined with the two comedians and Bradly, the opening announcer guy.

we chilled there for a bit, joked a lot, and had a really cool time - I'm thinking this is one more stop to add onto what seems to be a never ending night called Monday.

Oh, then I saw the singer for Chris' band The Red Label, and I stopped to say hi...he saw I was with Brad, the guy who runs Rhino's and he wanted to know if he could drop off his press kit..with the alcohol in me I told him them later he came back and I had to do the introduction..what's his name again, Billy? I told Brad I hate ot mix business and pleasure but this guy is a friend who wanted to drop off his press kit, I apologized but Brad was really cool about it.

so from there we decided to come back to my place for a dance party of sorts...well when I got here there was a bit of drama..drunken Charlene wanted to talk to me about why Leah and Mindy hate her...I tried to explain to the best of my knowledge without going to far what I have heard them say.."she's a joke".."she only does things to get attention or create drama..." and so forth...we had this talk all the while DDR was going on..and by the time we were finished, so was the DDR, very sad..but those playing had switched over to wanting to watch Snatch..

so we sat there, watching the movie, Char and Drapper peacing out about half-way through it..and after the movie there was a bit of a drunken slap-happy tickle fight between Dave and myself, Tabetha just watching on in amusement..Dave wanted to go to SnS for food, but I was really too tired to move, and wasn't hungry at all..afterall it was 6 in the morning and I had to work at Dave and Tab went out and I passed out..and thus ended the Monday

"Ance worth of simily.."

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