Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Day..
what a day...

It was my day and I decided to take the day off..

it wasn't a full day off, I mean I woke up, lingering in the mood I felt to slept with..went to work and tried my best to cover it up..well not really...I got into an argument with AB over my away asked me why I was so which one of my coworkers astonished replied with, "Jason, you're bitter?" I love the way people view me..

work wasn't all that bad..I made yet again $35...somehow, three shifts in a row, same number..if I didn't love it so much I'd be pissed because that's hardly enough per shift...but the real highlight, and the thing that purely dumbfounded me was my 14 dollar tip on a $26 bill...the table in no way received extraordinary service, I would say it was on par with my normal first couple of tables in the morning service...the were my second..I don't remember making a joke or anything like that..but somehow they felt the need to tip me graciously..and I know it wasn't a goof because it was a credit card slip..people tend to misinterpret bills, leaving a 20 instead of a 10, and vice versa..but this had reason.

so I got cut really early for being an 1130, went home and started to wind I was getting ready I somehow managed to half-way fall asleep and then wake up on time for class....amazing I know, but realizing, ehhhh

so I made a quick lunch to take with me for I was starving by that point and away I they started covering bob Dylan..ohhhh, it was a good time..and you know, here's another little funny thing, alaina made a comment about my away messages, although this time she was just questioning my intent "wait, so mindy's doesn't have aim does she - nope - but those messages are directed at her right - yup - but.. - I'm not really talking to her, and she doesn't want to hear those things anyways, plus I need to get them out of my system somehow, so there you go"

after class I walked back home and pretty much did nothing..and then as I decided to go out to target and K-Roger the same thing happened to me from earlier...I got ready, all the lights were turned off, but I passed out on my couch...half awake and half asleep, the music being too loud to fully go into sleep mode, so again a rest of sorts, but unfullfilling..

after the nap it was now 930, I headed to target only to find that the clearanced items I wanted to shop through were all gone..then it was on to K-roger to purchase some random things like milk and cheese...

back at home nothing much happened..I had forgot to call anybody I had planned on, and somehow instigated and online away message war..with the same person who was yelling about them earlier..that provoked me to swear, and on lent when I was trying to abstain from doing such things...but you know I realized that with the downfall of the drinking escapade last night, and the recluse attitude I once again have..I'm going to become that fucking asshole again...and so after that not much really happened and I called it a night...

"You know, I'm just going to bite my tongue and not say anything because you can just fucking die!"

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