Thursday, April 06, 2006

Many Emotions...
Many Decisions...

at the rate this is going, I'm gonna die before I can get on the right path..

So it's been hitting me lately, thee feelings, this actuality I came face to face with...they come sporadically, when the hit they are intense, but they leave just as random as they arrived. when it happens I am overwhelmed with so many emotions, so many decisions leading into different emotions, and the one recurring love that makes it's move - it's like there's a huge crowd, maybe a party to some, a riot to others..and then there's just this wallflower not really participating in the've forgotten all about him, and when everyone else has gotten as loud as they can possible get, this one thought, idea, emotion stands up and lets out a loud cry, silencing all that is around for miles; and you sit there, no emotion has ever come close to that one right there, and you're left with it.

I worked at the OG today, funny I almost typed in ALCO, go figure...I woke up at the time I should have been clocking in..for some reason my alarms were set, they just never went off. I called in, letting them know what was going on, though I mistakenly said I was working for Krystal when it was in all actuality April...I get out to my car, remembering where I parked it and cursed myself for not moving it like my intentions were last night..I was parked in the yellow but somehow managed to slip past getting a ticket..but had I moved the car last night I probably would have saved me some trouble this morning..I forgot to roll up the windows and by morning present it was raining.

work was alright, pretty much dead, which is surprising since it was raining - business is usually better when it's storming out. I sold a bottle of wine and that's all that mattered, pushing me to the next level and keeping an edge on my competition. I related the news of my departure for Sandusky to Matt the manager, and told him his decision for bartender would be a lot easier with my absence, he agreed.

after work I made my way on over to the Hilton to help open Coaches..I've only worked for a restaurant for one grand opening, and this pales in comparison..the disorganization is mind-blowing, the lack of training is outstanding..I'm not sure whether or not to take it all seriously..and to be honest, I really haven't. this was my first day but I felt it comfortable enough to give them asshole Jason, making remarks and stupid comments whenever "appropriate". so that was all fun.

I made my way over to Target to buy some Totes, figure it's better than boxes, least plastic won't rot away in a storage unit. on my way down the main aisle, dragging totes behind me I heard a familiar voice call out to me, it was Pete. we talked for a good while about everything, how the band was doing, what everyone has been up to, it was good..and then we parted, I returned home and cooked a deep dish pizza, got to get everything out of the fridge in a month.

and as I type this I have a strange monologue in my head, the way I am dictating this to my fingers is in some sort of different accent, not even accent but tone, it's just all different...

C: Hey, why is it I get ragged on for dating and hitting on all these employees when you do just the same if not more..
J: I've gone out on dates with employees?
C: Yeah, what about Katie, you ..
J: Never went on a date with her..
C: And then there was Andrea
J: She asked me t hang out with her.
C: Oh right, well fine, I got you with Mindy, you dated her!
J: Fuck you it just happened, we never dated, and fuck you for mentioning it.

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