Monday, April 24, 2006

Where is Everyone...
..and why do they suck?

this is not the note I want to leave on....

So it seems as if this place can get freaking crazy for one week, but once the seventh day arrives everyone cowers back to their desk to study for finals..which are not for another week. Ta hell wit this "Dead Week", the only thing that is dead to me are the people who were all about going out every frickin' day last week to get trashed, yet can't even follow through with the traditions implemented many a moons ago.

I ended up working somewhat of a double at the OG, only scheduled in the morning but towards the end of my shift Randy came up to me and asked what my plans were for this evening, I told him the same thing every Monday night Pinky - getting drunk on cheap margaritas followed by a night of comedy caravan. I told him that it didn't start til 8 so if he needed me for something it shouldn't be a problem, he was cool with it even telling me he would have me out of here no later than 8 for my hot date with the agave plant.

so I spent the night doing salad and breadsticks, which thank god it was a monday because not ever having done it before could be a little overwhelming on say some other night. I had a good time with it though, keeping up everything just as well - not to brag but some people even gave me compliments..that and I did win Ryan D's soul in a match of Paper, Rock, Scissors.

I didn't make it out of the OG at 8, I ended up sticking around a little bit past that because we were still on our little late rush, so by the time I was completely finished and my food was prepared I was out the door by 9...I had received a message from patty asking me to pick her up for MM, but that was at 7..and when I texted back, I even tried to call, there was no reply nor an I just made my way home, which was when I came upon the disgusting conclusion I smelt horrible..something about working that line area made me reek, so I needed to take a shower.

after the clean up it was time to meet up at Bear's for Comedy Caravan, I figured if Margaritas weren't possible tonight, the night would be salvaged with the Caravan..but the only other person to show was Darrell..and the place was packed. we both didn't feel like fighting our ways in, granted we would have been able to get in even had they sold out, but it seemed like the night was gonna be a complete loss. we tried to think of one last atempt to turn the tide, but we decided just ot call it a night and be on our own merry little ways.

I made a stop at Kroger and the Big Red, buying some Stellar Gin and two bottles of wine..I was ready to drink alone by that point..and it only got better when one of the girls I had been talking to for wwhatever reason to stay at her place, but I was invited over there for the evening..but by then I had lost my faith in the human race and was just in my little upset at the world and everything around me mood and really didn't feel it appropriate to go back out into public, rather be in the safe and comfortable confinedss of my own apartment.

I think shortly after I got on the phone and talked for an hour, which with the help of my displacement, put me to sleep.


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