Tuesday, April 25, 2006

*shoulder shrugged look*

I didn't do it, literally.....

So it was my day off, my first real day off to myself in a long time, no roadtrips, no crazed activities, no work....well, kinda...I did have some break in the day which I will use as my escape goat to place the blame on for not doing anything today...the activity was a CT Meeting at the OG.

However in all due respect I did appreciate the meeting, I wished it had been somewhat longer, going over such a huge topic, something I was just thinking about to myself in the past week. The meeting was going over how to properly approach someone and offer feedback, that was the main focus - a last snigbit was about receiving the feedback. Randy handed out some papers with helpful phrases and I genuinely think I will look them over, for once I thought that a meeting was not a waste of time - even without the food.

after the meeting I noticed my favorite crazy family walked in and was seated at 311, so naturally I went up and talked to them..engaging in what I knew would be a lengthy conversation I pulled up a chair and sat with them....had they not already had their entrees I probably would have ordered with them, HA. We talked til they finished up their meal, I finally was formally introduced to them, asking for their names, them knowing well what mine was. Sop it turns out the girls are going to Busch Gardens for the summer, as I am going to Cedar Point, funny little world. And every time they come into ther Olive Garden they are in to celebrate something, usually one of the girls winning some musical competition, amazing..

after work it was on over to Mindy's where I thought I would be doing my laundry, turns out I ended up help making canoles..and therefore reeking of oil.. from then on out the day was ruined..I ate a salad, got sucked into watching TV, even took a minor nap. Certain things were accomplished, mainly the printing out of papers for school and other documents...but I struggled even to make this blog post let alone others..and as for my letter to IU, well, you can find that on my harddrive as new.doc, yeah, really impressive - the past five years out of college I've been living as a snow storm.

I did return to mindy's to finish up my laundry, seeings how I was supposed to work at both establishments of work so I needed two uniforms, not the normal one. so while the laundry was being launderd we killed time by making a stop at the ATM, back to my place for the towels I forgot, and I bowl of hers from way back when. she started to talk about all this drama she is in the middle of and I didn't want anything of it, which made her upset because apparently it was more than drama, it was putting her in an awkward position and she just wanted someone to confide into, well I blew that one.

back at her place she made me watch Ice Age..I didn't find it to be as great as she made it out to be, it was just some lame feel good movie, maybe I missed something..and though I thought it ended quickly, by then it was late, I was passing out, and my last load was still in the dryer..I passed out.

"New message from: Chech Republic"

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