Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Secretaries Day?

why are there so many questions and uncertainties?

what an extremely long day on what wasn't much sleep..not in my own bed. So I woke up, having to fold and therefore finish off my laundry, luckily enough for me, everything was there so I had an entire work uniform with me...

So I went to Coaches, having no time to look for parking elsewhere I went into the garage. The day was long..somehow these two other bitches got cut before me, when we all are scheduled at the same time..and they knew I had to be at the OG at 5..whatever, so I made it known I wasn't taking anymore tables after 4, and in all actuality I was out the door at 4. the rush came quick and left just as quickly, between 1130 and 130 I only had four tables, one was a 10 top and the others had joiners...from that point on I only took one more table before 4...not bad because I ended up walking out with 50...I'll take $25 an hour for the time I did work, it just sucks because there is so much down time...

from there it was onto the OG, which proved to be an interesting night. Everybody was jacked up on something, Leah was hornier than ever, I was in an unusually good mood, and drama was, as always, located somewhere on the floor. I was a 500, but somehow they got me full right before they cut me, which was a little after 9, which made me a closer almost. One of the last tables they sat for me had two sheriff officers in the party, so naturally after I sent the food I got on the mic and announced to the kitchen that table number 422 was for a cop - whether or not they understand doesn't matter, the real effect it had on was the people in the alley...and one of those people just happened to be chase, and he found it extremely funny seeings how that one of the cops at my table was the cop who had arrested him, amazing.

one good thing about being me, is it is good to be me...I naturally was shooting ice cubes across the alley at people, what better way to pass the time than that right? well, one of the ice cubes just so happened to slip a little, and with the movement of person I was aiming at, it nailed her right in the eye, that person, Mindy. As soon as it left my hand and saw her start turning I knew it was bad and I chased after it...of course it was a lot faster than me, but I was there to at least catch the volleys of punches that were to be thrown at me. she told me had it been anybody else she would have gone to a manager and gotten them written up..she hates it when I flick ice cubes so much...but did I learn my lesson..nope, as soon as she left the alley I was right back to's always funny til someone gets hurt..then it's hilarious.

at the end of the night I finally was able to cash in on my free meal Matt had owed me..though when he saw what I ordered he thought I went a little overboard (Chicken alfredo pizza, sub caesar salad, tiramisu, with a boat of alfredo) whatever the total was only like twenty dollars, I've done a lot more damage than that before.i stuck around for just a bit, but I think Matt wanted me out of the building so I left..only to make a stop at the Subway over by my house...I felt bad because the sign was on but when I went in the place was completely cleaned, and there were a little upset to see me to say the least..I was just leaving when they told me it was alright and they ould make me a sandwich..I tried to not be a hastle, but they insisted and I made a quick and simple order, and even tipped the guy for allowing me to have a sandwich 15 minutes before they close..I didn't want to be that guy, but Subway sounded so good, and they talked me into it..even though I had an entire meal in my car...

however, back at my place I took a couple bites out of the pizza, ate some breadsticks, and called it a night for my appetite...soon afterwards TJ and Kourtney arrived...and then so did everyone else, like a train in came Hope, Drapper, Kintz, Leah, and shortly after Gay Mark Johnson...the place was packed. Now I didn't get off that easy..right before everyone marched in I was on the phone with a certain someone..and in light of everyone being over, us not getting to eat dinner together, and he "not" invited to my place she was upset, feeling like an afterthought friend...well I did invite her once everyone showed up..I had only expected the night to be just TJ and myself, but that changed quickly. regardless, out of spite and or principle she opted not to come over, and then I had to leave her and tend to my guests.

somehow the movie we were going to watch changed, and everybody wanted to watch something different..the original movie of the 25th Hour was replaced in the end by Swingers, ironically enough I had just commented on that movie to TJ an hour earlier..the movie was good, of course, minus the people randomly talking about god knows what over the movie, coffee was made, fun was had!

after the movie half the group peaced out..later we revealed to Gay Mark that it was I who shat on his doorstep. it was pretty much downhill after that..ok not really, but we all were getting very very tired, and it was like five in the morning, so we called it a night, everybody departing to their respective places of rest and me still left wondering if I am supposed to keep them as a trophy or just what...K and I have yet to talk and it's just getting awkward now.

"Wait, why does everyone think just because I had my dick in her once before I still talk to her to this day"

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