Monday, May 08, 2006

Not Going Out with a Bang....
..less it's a gun to my head...

So long story short, work sucked.

My day started off early, somewhere around the time my alarms went off, ten am for some reason. I eventually got up only because I remembered I left a body out in the living room, whether or not it would be there would be to my surprise. Andrea was still there, she was just waking up as well. I didn't have anything to say, and wasn't really expecting to see her in the morning, so she kinda through my day for a all I ended up doing was getting ready for work and heading out.

I only had two tables, and one of those was an eight top which was supposed to be just mine but Tara butted her way into it, as she did with my last eight top...she is really getting on my nerves about this, but whatever, one more week til everyone can peace out.

I was out the door by one and back home...just as I started to settle down I ended up passing out again. I would wake up randomly being startled at the fact I was sleeping and wondering what time it was, worrying if I was late for work somehow..well I eventually got up very reluctantly and made my way down third.

I arrived at the OG and the place was as dead as heaven on a Saturday night. I told the hosts that if by chance they ever sat me to find me in the alley to inform me of such an act because I would be dicking around in the back or cleaning or something, and that I would not be on the floor to check, ever. In part it was to keep myself occupied, there really wasn't anyone to talk to, and I didn't feel like standing around, so I cleaned and organized the alley, and then everyone thought I was expoing, amazing, but it was also just as much to avoid certain people. as I cleaned I threw out the line, "if you got time to lean, you got time to fuck off and die", which actually got Drapper to do a little work..every little bit helps...

so then it's quarter to six and the new Amy chick comes in asks who has 502 because they had been sitting there for a long time...I flip out, throw my broom across the alley and storm out to the host stand ready to get blood stains on my uniform. as I get up there they hand me my goal card, I didn't get a chance to curse anyone out, just grabbed the blue piece of freedom and turned around..went back into the alley where Amy was telling me she got their drink orders, I told her "good, cuz they are yours", as I held up my card. I checked out and peaced out.

I got back home and got ready for margaritas later, blogged, called people, whatevs - but I just find it funny that I am still having to break into my house because someone won't call me or return my house key..whatever. Then some bad news was relayed to me, and margaritas were postponed..which eventually turned out not to happen at all - which was probably for the better because later I was told by RockMyWorld that Tumbleweed ran out of the Margarita lame

Anyways, 10 rolled around and I drove the minute over to Bear's Place to meet up with Darrell and TJ...Darrel and I got in, for free mind you because we are rockstars, and ther place was packed - had no idea from the parking lot as we made our way down to the front we noticed some shady business with purses on the tables in the front, our tables..then as I am staring at this business I feel a tug on my pant leg and I look to see frickin' Kelly Q. we start talking and then I ask her if she knows what the deal with the purses is, apparently it's her friends...and then she trys to claim that this is where they sit every week, because they come every week..bullshit. not once have I seen her, and I am sure it goes the other way around as well..but whatever, we snag three chairs in the corner by the stage and we are set..

as people start to pile in, the douche rocket guys come and try to steal the front row where the purses are..and one guy accidentaly knocks over a table with the girls drinks on it..then words were exchanged and it was madness....admist all that I noticed one of the girls yelling was RockMyWorldRachel, we spoke briefly, but it was nice to see her again..she is actually starting to work Monday nights again, so next week when I go in, she will serve me...

anyways, three comedians, mediocre comedy, the last guy being old school and doing one liners - the first guy new to the scene and was very nervous to get going..all in all it was a night. Afterwards Darrell went over to Yogi's to meet up with his friends while TJ and myself went back to my place...we sat around for a bit just watching TV, then as it always happens, the futon played it's magical roll and made us TJ went about his way home and I got ready for bed, made an hour long phone call and passed out..

"You got time to lean, you got time to fuck off and die"

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