Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Work was a blast...wait, you can't detect sarcasm with this movable type here...but if you know me, then you would have picked up on that already, so F off and die (theme of the month now)..yeah, I worked with two certain somebody's who shall remain nameless..awkward yes, especially when you accidentally make eye contact with each other and then regret it for the rest of the day, wanting to rip your eyes out and step on them while pissing all over the walls...graphic much?

Anyways, the creepy part of the day was prior to work, i was on my way out to my car, shuffling through my keys as i left the apartment, and i stop dead in my apartment key has found its way back on to my key i know what you are thinking, "Jason, a key is a key, and I've seen your key ring, you gots lots of keys, how you would ever notice if one was missing or put onto it" Vaild point, but if you have ever seen my apartment key you would not be making such statements, it stands out like a sore thumb, so when it's there, you notice it...whatever

so it made it's way on my ring, how it got there or when it got there i am not too concerned about, creepy, but whatever, what gets me is the fact that the party who had possession of the key is as much wanting to avoid me as i am avoiding everyone, can't face up to your own injustices so you have to hide yourself..who's the bad guy now???

Work eventually wrapped up and i made my way over to Buffalo Wild Wings in hopes of having Crystal serve me my lunch like we had planned on. As i walk into the place i see Crystal and she's happy to see me, but as i approach her i can tell she is getting ready to check out, so no lunch today, but we stand there and talk..then she gets the idea to take me in the back to have her help her with her sidework..i'm a glutton for punishment, especially when it comes to with the manager's ok we went back there and made two ounce salsa dishes, a crap load of them...everyone who walked by had no idea what was going on, why was there a guy, in an olive garden uniform minus the nametag, in the back of the kitchen..yeah, since Crystal has been there since the store opened and they love her, she gets away with everything, including making her own schedule...

So after all that was finished i waited for her back up front, when she came back she had a flashy button for me and a togo box with wedges, boneles chicken, and a togo was amazing..i have such an intricate system with all these people i know...networks man,m that's what it is all about...i wonder if this is a profession.....

after work i went home and took a nap, when i awoke i found out they were having a Top Chef marathon and began watching that...shortly after

"We're just sitting around, drinking some ........."

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