Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do I Care?
..cuz i thought i did

but i suppose the real question is, how did i get left out, or let myself get out?

So i like to peruse the internet, it's becoming a friend of mine lately, and one of the many things i like to check out is facebook - who's not guilty of that? well i get the news feed - because i fucking like it! - and i notice something that seems a little off to me. i'm always seeing little news feeds about how this one group of my friends all comment on each other's walls, are adding pictures of each other, and planning events. these people i worked and partied alongside with at Cedar Point...we were a close nit little group, hell, my CP baby's momma and CP wife are in this group i'm talking about, but it seems as though my connections with the group have been cut. I can't explain it...i mean it's not like the distance thing is a factor, you got people from all over still talking and meeting up...

so it got me thinking...is this a bad on my part...did i not try to keep in contact with anyone...you know what, no, i'm not taking the blame for this...i've probably made the last contact with all those people anyways, i did my part, reached out my hand..if they don't wanna respond to it, to hell with them....

ohhhhh, which brings up another major pain i am dealing with....the lack of response from people i try and talk to...but i will save that for another day...

anyways, i've lost all my thoughts, and this wasn't very coherant, but i need to start writing again.....ughhhhh


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